photographic exhibition + videoinstallation
AnimalePolitico Project
motus  2011 ||| 2014 ||| 2068


It is with these words that Motus launched the project Animale Politico 2011>2068. The company is now returning to Santarcangelo, the place where it all began, in order to look backwards and outline the cartography of these intense years of research and encounters with “extraordinary women and men”.

Call me X is an attempt to reassemble the images of the company’s latest theatrical and life adventure, represented by performative actions, workshops, residencies, public conferences and urban interventions. Motus embarks on a trip following the crumb trail of documents and relics left by the heterogenous endeavor that generated Nella Tempesta and Caliban Cannibal. What emerges is an artistic itinerary marked by temporary experiences and landscapes located inside an “elsewhere” that the company inhabits like a climbing plant, always on the edge.