The foreign in philosophy

"Philosophy is greek but the philosophers are foreigners"
« Gilles Deleuze »

Now-Here, « Foreigners » who cross borders by the sea and by the land towards the unknown, a physic, mental and absolute unknown! By necessity those foreigners invent new paths of existence, as violence is like love: It forces to philosophize oneself in some kind.. "Like it was once upon a time on the border of the greek world, The ancient foreigners on the run were at the same time tradesmen, artisan's but also big travellers: Asia, Italy, Africa were odyssean phases of their journeys, connecting the philosopher to philosophy".. Is philosophy inseparable from an imagined origin, An unknown, fragmented, origin, lost in one`s memory, transforming the exile into a thinker? Or the thinker into an exile? .. What is it, that will give him an equivalent to the territory, like a valuable "at home"?..
What is the connection between the thought and the shaking ground?