Odalisque with flame |

digital print. collage. 
Berlin Neukölln. 2017.
190 x 126 cm


“Woven through all of Flaubert’s Oriental experiences, exciting or disappointing, is an almost uniform association between the Orient and sex. In making this association, Flaubert was neither the first nor the most exaggerated instance of a remarably persistent motif in western attitudes to the Orient.
Why the Orient seems still to suggestnot only fecundity but sexual proise (and threat), untiring sensuality, unlimited desire, deep generative energies, is something on which one could speculate...Nevertheless one must acknowedge its importance as something eliciting complex responses, sometimes even a frightening self-discovery, in the Orientalists, and Flaubert was an interesting case in point.”

Edward Said - Orientalism

From Flaubert to Manet, 

I would say that desire circulates in this type of “symbiosis”: “desire is one and the same things as a determined agencement”,
a performative/intellectual agencement of desire will include devices of power.
lines of desire, that is, assemblage of desire, are disposition/"agencement" lines that cut across a society, and on which the marginalized install themselves here and there in order to create a buckle, a whirl, a recording, a moment and sometimes a subtle war, then everything in it is an event. 
What does it mean to be desired in our times?.