A singular hole

".. A singular (cosi) life, the singularity of a life is not distinguishable (individuabile), thats is, is not ascribable to an individual, because it is in itself generic, relating to a genre, but also unmistakable because it is  unique in its genre as that of a new born, who is similar to all the others, but differe
nt from each of them for the tonality of the voice, the intensity of a smile, the sparkle of a tear. It is constitutively improper, and for that reason common, as pure difference can be, the difference that isn't  defined from anything other than from its own same differing (differire). This is how the warning that appears in the section on singularity in the Logic of sense ought be to understood, according to which "we can not accept the alternative.. either singularities already comprised in individuals and persons, or the indifferentiated abyss. The difference, which is to say the singularity, doesn't reside on the side of the individual, but rather of the impersonal - or a person that doesn't coincide with any of those (forms).."

Roberto Esposito
The Philosophy of bios







| A singular hole
Photo-montage. 2015

| A singular hole series
Analog / Photo-montage. 14.15